About us


ERLACHER Srl was established in 2007 and is a continuation from DOLCEGEL Ltd, which was founded by Osvaldo Erlacher and his business partner in 1977. Having learnt his craft in the specialised pastry artisan workshops in Austria, Switzerland and northern Italy, Osvaldo Erlacher settled in Florence in the early 1970’s and sought to utilise the patisserie craft gained from his years of experience. The concept was to create very high quality fresh and frozen artisan pastry products for the domestic market.

Following a warm reception to their fine pastry products the company expanded both in 1982 and 1999 to new premises, better equipment and a larger workforce. Meanwhile Osvaldo Erlacher started to pass on his vast knowledge and expertise to his children, Paolo Erlacher and Claudio Erlacher.


Erlacher Srl was then created as a wholly family-owned independent company and is located in a picturesque valley in Tuscany close to Florence. Headed by Osvaldo Erlaacher and his two sons the traditions and knowledge perfected over more than 50 years are expressed in their spacious modern premises with state-of-the-art equipment where they continue to create and develop their fine artisan pastries.

The best traditional Italian pastries made with advanced technology.


The heart of our company is our staff

Osvaldo Erlacher

Claudio Erlacher

Paolo Erlacher